Land Grading

Land grading is often the best way to level or reshape the surfance. White Oak Lawn & Landscaping takes an environmentally conscious approach to land grading that facilitates proper drainage. We will smooth out uneven terrain, and ensure your land is primed for whatever design and functionality you need while preserving the site’s ecological balance.

French & Surface Drains

Excess water is a landscape’s worst enemy, but it’s avoidable with French and surface drains. French drains discreetly divert subsurface water, while surface drains remove excess water from flat areas prone to pooling. Let us find a drainage system that offers long-term relief.

Connecting Downspouts

Downspouts guide rainwater away from your property’s foundation and prevent water accumulation in unwanted spots. We ensure that your downspouts integrate seamlessly with your overall drainage plan, reducing erosion and safeguarding your landscape from water damage.

Enhance Your Landscape’s Longevity With Grading & Drainage Solutions

Why Choose White Oak Lawn & Landscaping?

Unparalleled Expertise

Our team is trained and extensively experienced in lawn care and landscaping.

Quality Service

We use the best equipment and products to ensure every lawn receives premium care.

Customer Satisfaction

Success goes beyond meeting customer expectations; it’s about exceeding them.

Flexible Packages

Our service packages cater to clients' unique needs and budgets.

Reliable Support

Let our dedicated customer service team assist and address any concerns.

Providing the Bedrock of a Resilient Landscape

White Oak Lawn & Landscaping crafts landscapes that are resilient to nature, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable. We leverage our expertise by delivering solutions that protect, enhance, and elevate any residential or commercial outdoor space. Request a free quote by calling (919) 726-6606, and we’ll help level your land. Need help with exterior cleaning? Check out Precision Wash Pros, our sibling company. We serve Raleigh, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas, including Apex, Wake Forest, Fuquay-Varina, and Holly Springs.

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